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Looking for a speaker, MC or panel facilitator for your next event?


Jemma is an insightful, engaging and natural presenter

Topics include (but are not limited to):

The Mental Load of The Mum Juggle

This presentation is ideal for women's groups and features a range of props designed to highlight the many things on the minds of mums. While at times hilarious, it includes an important message about taking time for ourselves.


Managing & Engaging Volunteers

Through her charity work, Jemma has identified the 5 archetypes of volunteers and developed strategies to motivate/engage each. It includes humorous anecdotes and practical tips.


Inspiring & Developing Women in Leadership

Jemma is passionate about inspiring and developing women to take on leadership roles in all sectors. This presentation includes a range of 'lessons learned'


Top Tips for Effective Leadership

This presentation is ideal for men and women of all ages looking for practical leadership tips to improve their personal performance and build rapport with others


Crafting & Executing a Message

Jemma uses her background in Journalism and Communication to provide tips for developing key messages and getting them across to a target audience


The Value of Social Enterprise

In a world where community need is growing and Government budgets are diminishing, operating a successful commercial

operation for a social purpose is needed now more than ever. Jemma offers tools from first-hand experience

For questions or to arrange a booking please put details in the 'contact' box below - a quote can then be provided.


Do you have a business or cause that needs an integrated communications strategy developed, advice or even a press release to get the word out? As a former Journalist with 23 years experience in media and marketing, Jemma offers the following services:

  • Media Training

  • Editorial Campaigns

  • Marketing Plans

  • Strategic Plans

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Marketing Contract work

Get in touch today via the submission form for a free proposal/quote!

Social Enterprise

Jemma is very passionate about not-for-profit organisations utilising commercial principles to be more sustainable and deliver their social purpose. For coaching and workshops, get in touch with Jemma today.


'Join Jemma' as she talks all things business, leadership, marketing and more with a variety of special guests.

Sponsorship opportunities are available 

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What do others say?

"Jemma lights up a room with her engaging, warm personality and presentation style. 

She activates/captivates and inspires her audience.

She is an inspiring change maker who encourages her audience towards introspective analysis for personal and professional growth."

Kim McArthur

South Coast Brides

"Jemma is one of the most confident women I know. When she speaks, people take action. Her passion for the community and seeing people supported makes her a sought after leader. I'd recommend Jemma for any event to engage an audience."

Michelle Blicavs


Unique Leaders Network

"Jemma was born to speak, and have known her since her early days in radio, sharing her take on issues that matter, with an interview style that captivates her listeners. 

On the speaking circuit, Jemma's experience in business and leadership, is about making a difference in your community by challenging and inspiring a call to action, and leaving you believing that anything is possible.

Jemma is a thought leader in an ever changing world."

Marian Bian

Director IICONIC

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