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Kiss, Drop, Coffee

In my opinion, we all deserve a medal. These school holidays have not been a sprint but a marathon and if you find yourself twitching with every question, scraped knee, argument over bathing - you are not alone. My kids have developed an obsession with asking about the Y2K bug. I have explained what it was all about a bejillion times and yet the questions continue.

Everything is hard too, we went out for fish and chips, the youngest's drink bottle got hot in the car so she wanted me to buy her a cold bottle. That should be the end of it when I do right? Wrong, somehow, she cut herself on the metal lid and there was blood everywhere. It was also the hottest day of the year so being near the water seemed like a good idea but it happened to be blowing a gale. There were screams of; 'there's hair in my mouth!' And 'ouch, the blanket whacked me in the face!' Even shivering would you believe and I found myself having to defend the decision not to pack jumpers for everyone on a 40 degree day.

Then there's the sunscreen wars, the; 'I don't want to go but now I don't want to leave' argument. I love my kids but seriously I need some respite, I need school back and I need to get some work done.

If you too are looking forward to the return of routine and the thought of a kid free coffee to celebrate with some likeminded women appeals to you, I highly recommend registering for the Shoalhaven Business Chamber's Women in Business 'Coffee Catch Up' on Wednesday February 1st at the Bearded Brewer - 5 Investigator Street, South Nowra.

It's a quick 8:30 to 9:30 am or 'come when you can- leave when you must', drop in, style event. Best of all, the coffee is free and it's all about you. It's your chance to talk shop with other women, promote your business or the business you work for, make friends and breathe as we dive headfirst into 2023.

If one of your new year's goals is to grow that side hustle, business idea or even explore your entrepreneurial potential, this is a nice baby step forward and babies are welcome too if that's where you're at!

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